RL Series remote control app for iPad

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- An iPad App to allow the RL Series units to be remote controlled from an iPad
- Control Level and Pan for each channel
- Listen Mode
- Add pictures to each channel for easy identification of performers

RL Series iPad App

The RL Series remote control App has been designed to allow a user to control an RL Series unit with an iPad. So all features of the RL Series unit can be accessed via the App, which also adds the ability for a user to add pictures to each channel. This makes it very easy for the user to identify the audio available as they can upload or take pictures of the performers/talent for easy recognition. This is ideal in an environment such a reality TV shows where contests change or are eliminated from the show.
Each channel can be configured in either stereo or mono and displays a signal level meter(s)

RL Series iPad App for 256 channel AoIP monitor

The App can be operated in a number of modes
- Mix mode where each channel can have it's audio added to an overall mix via a pop-up window
- Listen Mode where tapping a cell will automatically bring the selected channels audio up for monitoring
- Mix view which changes the screen to a more traditional mixer style view
Up to ten iPads can be connected to one RL Series unit with shared audio

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