RP64 - 1U 19in Rack Mount AoIP Patch

Part no. NIX00658 Dante version
Part no. NIX00658R Ravenna version

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- Compact 1RU design
- 64 x 64 AoIP patch bay
- Near instantaneous audio switching
- High resolution screen with clear metering and quick source touch screen navigation
- Memories for recall of different setup
- Available as either Dante or Ravenna at time of purchase.

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A 1U 19inch rack mounted AoIP patch bay
2 models are available either Dante or Ravenna
A 64 x 64 AoIP patch bay when running at 48kHz allows any input to be connected to any output or any input to multiple outputs.
All of the features are easily and simply controlled via the large intuitive touchscreen interface.
Patches are configured and reconfigured easily by touching the respective switch on the touchscreen resulting in near instantaneous changeover of the audio
It is also possible to quickly recall different patch settings that have been saved to memory

The RP64 is operated and controlled via the large letterbox 6.6” diagonal (168mm) 1440 x 240 24-bit colour LCD and capacitive touch panel.

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A simple and elegant menu system has been designed to be intuitive to navigate allowing the user to access all the features of the RP64 unit very quickly.
The high-resolution screen is easy to read presenting comprehensive metering, routing and status information to the user.

Firmware updates of the RP64 are achieved via a dedicated USB micro AB connector on the front panel.

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On the rear of the RP64 unit there is a Primary and Secondary port for the AoIP input
The Control RJ45 allows the RP64 to remotely controlled via OSC
The Remote RJ45 is a bespoke remote control port for additional accessories (note it is not compatible with ethernet)

The RP64 can be powered via PoE on the Primary port and/or via the 2.5mm DC input connectors requiring 24V @ 2A. The DC input also have a screw lock to prevent accidental unplugging. Using both the PoE and the DC inout provides redundancy.
The optional NIX00583 or the NIX00629 can be used to power the RS64

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Nixer RP64 AoIP Specifications

Patching of up to 64 inputs to 64 outputs (32 inputs to 32 outputs at 96kHz)


64 x 64 channel patch matrix (32 x 32 at 96kHz)
Patch inputs "one to one" to output
Patch any input to any output
Patch one input to many outputs

Dante or Ravenna option - at time of purchase

AES67 compatible
SMPTE 2110 compatible
Fully compatible with New Dante Domain Manager – Dante option only

Sample rates supported


Bit Depth supported


AoIP inputs

Dual 1Gbps RJ45
1Gbps or 100Mbps operation (Ravenna supports 1Gb only)
User configurable for Switched or Redundant operation
Network configuration information available via menu

Control input

Single RJ45 100Mbs
OSC remote control of the product

Remote Control

Single RJ45 - NOT ethernet
Wired remote control option on RJ45 connector
For use with optional hardware remote controllers
RS485 balanced TX and RX pairs
5V feed to connected device (up to 200mA)
Note: this connector is not compatible with standard ethernet connectors

Other Ports

USB port is also used for product firmware updates

Power input

PoE (13W) on Primary RJ45 connector
2.5mm DC inputs socket for use with external 24V 2amp adaptor
Both power inputs can be active at the same time for redundancy


6.6” (168mm) diagonal 24-bit colour LCD with 1440xRGBx240 resolution
LED backlight (adjustable brightness via software)
multi touch capacitive touch overlay with gesture support

Product Sizes

Dimensions 494mm wide by 120mm deep by 44mm height
Weight 1.0kg
19inch rack mounting ears can be removed for desktop use