23rd June 2020
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V2.11 – Enhanced PD Dante and RD Dante firmware released


Following customer feedback and continued product development we've been adding some new features to our flagship PD Dante during lockdown to provide additional functionality and to assist critical monitoring and diagnostics within a Dante network.


New Features V2.11 for the PD Dante and RD Dante


§   New 16 channel horizontal view

o    Allows the display of long Dante channel names (up to 31 characters)

o    Scroll up and down via swiping screen

§   New 8 Channel view

o    Simple left and right swipe to scroll through channels

§   Dante menu

o    Home unit easily identified in blue

o    Device sample rates can be changed (except AES67 mode)

o    Editable Device names on the network


Enhanced Key Features


§   Clear display of each routed source and subscribed name

§   Direct control and routing of any device on the Dante network

§   The making and removing of subscriptions

§   High resolution metering

§   User selected view of 8, 16 or 64 sources

§   The sampling frequency of each source

§   Built-in signal generator allows routing onto the network for easy testing


Existing customers can download the updated manuals, firmware updates and instructions for v2.11 via our website or email sales@nixerproaudio.com for details.