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1st Jul 2021

RL Series - Ravenna option
New release

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3rd June2021

RL Series 64 to 256 channels
New release

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29th Apr 2021

Just Audio purchase
some additional PD Dantes

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1st Mar 2021

Another shipment of units to
Fingerprint Audio

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1st Feb 2021

PLR64K units ready to ship to a well known European institution

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19th Oct 2020

The Sound Hounds (UK) have invested in a number of PD Dante

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23rd June 2020

V2.11 Firmware released
for PD Dante and RD Dante

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8th April 2020

Nixer partners with Video Signal in Italy

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17th Feb 2020

The RL64 Dante monitoring unit from Nixer

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