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23 rd June 2020 - Enhanced PD Dante feature set with latest release


Following customer feedback and continued product development we've been adding some new features to our flagship PD Dante during lockdown to provide additional functionality and to assist critical monitoring and diagnostics within a Dante network.


New Features in PD Dante v2.11


§   New 16 channel horizontal view

o    Allows the display of long Dante channel names (up to 31 characters)

o    Scroll up and down via swiping screen

§   New 8 Channel view

o    Simple left and right swipe to scroll through channels

§   Dante menu

o    Home unit easily identified in blue

o    Device sample rates can be changed (except AES67 mode)

o    Editable Device names on the network


Enhanced Key Features


§   Clear display of each routed source and subscribed name

§   Direct control and routing of any device on the Dante network

§   The making and removing of subscriptions

§   High resolution metering

§   User selected view of 8, 16 or 64 sources

§   The sampling frequency of each source

§   Built-in signal generator allows routing onto the network for easy testing


Existing customers can download the updated manuals, firmware updates and instructions for v2.11 via our website or email for details. This feature set will follow shortly for the RD Dante.

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8 th April 2020 Nixer partners with Video Signal in Italy


Nixer has appointed Video Signal as our partner and distributor in Italy for our range of audio monitoring units. Nixer has a long pedigree of designing high end audio products for the Broadcast, Live and Theatre markets for over 20 years. Just over 2

years ago, Nixer started designing and manufacturing their own products under the brand

name Nixer Pro Audio. Nick Fletcher, CEO, saw a requirement for a robust and easily deployed product to help Engineers maintain, diagnose and monitor audio within their Dante® audio IP networks.


The first product, PD Dante, set the trend and offers a compact, hand-held portable device that allows the monitoring of up to 64 Dante channels at 48kHz (32 channels at 96kHz). The unit goes beyond simple confidence monitoring and allows route subscriptions to be made and network configurations changed via PIN protected menus.


Alessandro Trezzi from Video Signal commented “We think this is an exciting time to partner with Nixer. They have a strong and growing range of Dante® AoIP products which provide Operators and Engineers with the necessary tools required in the exacting Live, Install and Broadcast environments. With a broad range of capabilities, be it confidence monitoring, network routing, configuration and testing there is a unit to match all applications.”


The current suite of products allows for Dante audio monitoring with quick, intuitive and easy to use interfaces, removing the need for engineers or operators to carry a slow-to-boot and bulky laptop computer for source selection and monitoring. The RL64 Dante offers a compact 64 channel Dante® audio monitoring unit in a shallow 1RU form factor, ideal for OB vans and fly-packs, while the RD64 Dante offers precision Dante® audio monitoring with comprehensive diagnostics and optimised ported speakers in a 2RU enclosure.

All the tools necessary for line-checking, troubleshooting or operator/talent monitoring are readily available in a single device.


Nick Fletcher added “We’re very happy to partner with Video Signal, who are long established in the Italian Broadcast market. Our units are increasingly finding applications within national broadcasters, theatres and many Parliamentary and renowned international financial institutions. We’re always keen to listen and enhance features and we have more products in the pipeline and some exciting new releases planned over the coming year.”


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17th Feb 2020 – The new RL64 Dante diagnostics and monitoring unit from Nixer


We are pleased to announce the latest product from Nixer Pro Audio is now shipping. Building on the success of the PD Dante, we officially announce the release of the RL64 Dante units.


The RL64 Dante is a compact 1RU 19" rack mounting 64 channel Dante monitoring tool. Operators can also mix up to 64 Dante channels, 1 AES3 stereo channel (XLR) and 1 Mic (headphone jack) into a 2-channel stereo mix. This can be listened to via the in-built speakers or headphone amplifier.


Additionally, this output can also sent to the stereo Balance Line Output (2x XLR), AES3 EBU Stereo Output (XLR) and back onto the Dante network.


Operation is via the easy to use LCD capacitive touch display which displays the main stereo output and up to 16 Dante channels at once on large and clear meters.


§  Compact 1RU enclosure and shallow depth for flight cases and OBs.

§  Crystal Clear Meters for precision monitoring

§  Easy and quick navigation, perfect for critical live events

§  Simple scroll and select through all 64 Dante channels

§  Ability to mix up to 64 Dante channels into a stereo mix


With shipments starting earlier this year the RL64 Dante is perfect for on-air and live applications where critical confidence monitoring is essential.


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