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Nixer Ltd
Nick formed Nixer Ltd in 2000 due to the numerous requests he received for product design work particularly, but not exclusively in Pro Audio. He started to design products from the ground up for many companies. Some were just simple PCB layouts where others were complete products, including the Schematic design, PCBs, metalwork and firmware. This is when Philip joined the company bringing his many talents at writing software to the table. Having now designed so many products for other people (and still do) they decided to develop and manufacture a range of products under the “Nixer Pro Audio” brand, more of which you can find out about on these pages

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Nick Fletcher - Founder and CEO
Nick’s interest in music and audio started at a very young age playing records at loud volumes for his father on a hi-fi system largely built by his dad, including a pair of homemade loudspeakers using KEF drive units.
This sparked Nick’s interest and it wasn’t long before he was designing and manufacturing loudspeakers and amplifiers himself.
Nick’s career began with him completing a four-year Electronics Apprenticeship with British Aerospace Army Weapons. Designing and making weapons held no great appeal so he quickly moved onto working for Cadac, here Nick worked his way rapidly up through the company from Test Engineer, passing through the D.O. doing Schematic Design, PCB Layout and Mechanical Design then on to become Production Manager and finally R&D Director but that's all the past …

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Philip Jones - CTO
After completing a BSc hons. Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at City University London, Phil worked for Smiths Industries Ltd. Vehicle Instruments Division designing and developing some of the first electronic dashboard panels seen in domestic cars (including such oddities as the “talking” Austin Maestro trip computer). His first love has always been music and sound so after 4 years, when an opportunity arose Phil moved to Audio Kinetics to work on tape machine synchronisers (a unit that reads SMPTE time-code from two or more audio tape recorders and synchronises them to play at the same time and speed).
6 years later (1990) he was offered a position as the digital and software engineer for CADAC electronics, a company building bespoke audio mixing consoles for live theatre sound applications; the rest as they say, is history...

General Enquiries
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