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Nixer Ltd - Nixerproaudio

Nick formed Nixer Ltd in 2000 due to the numerous requests he received for product design work particularly, but not exclusively in Pro Audio. He started to design products from the ground up for many companies. Some were just simple PCB layouts where others were complete products, including the Schematic design, PCBs, metalwork and firmware. This is when Philip joined the company bringing his many talents at writing software to the table. Having now designed so many products for other people (and still do) they decided to develop and manufacture a range of products under the “Nixer Pro Audio” brand, more of which you can find out about on these pages

Nick Fletcher

Founder and CEO of Nixer Ltd. Nick completed an electronics apprenticeship with BAe after which he moved to Cadac starting as a test engineer and finishing as R&D Director, from here he moved onto RTW for 3 years before making the final transition to Nixer

Philip Jones

Phil has a BSc hons. Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at City University London. From here he went to work for Smiths Industries Ltd. Next he moved to Audio Kinetics which was followed by 25 years at Cadac before moving to Nixer

Mark Townsend

Mark joined Nixer in 2019 as is responsible for the sales and marketing at the company