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    Welcome to Nixer Pro Audio - Designers and manufactures of high quality and cost effective Dante monitoring and diagnostics Tools for use within the Live, Install and Broadcast Audio environments. Used and relied upon by Professional Sound Engineers, Broadcast Studios and Pro Audio Rental Companies all over the World.
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    Introducing the PD Dante - Monitor up to 64 audio channels on a Dante Network at a time, either individually or in user programmable groups. Each channel has a it's Dante name displayed, signal level meter and can be routed to the inbuilt speakers or headphones
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    Incorporating indicators for Dante status, network information and the ability to view connected Dante devices and change routing to the local device directly from the screen
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    Used to monitor the Dante outputs of Sennheiser Radio Microphones on the production of Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour at the Duke of York’s Theatre in the Westend. Sound Designer of the show - Mike Walker of Loh Humm - said “The Nixer PD-Dante provides an efficient way of monitoring the radio mics wherever our operational team are working. In PFL mode, the ability to auto cancel what you are listening to is a simple yet timesaving feature."

News 1st February 2019
New Release v2.04 software

New Features

  • New 8 channel view
  • 8 Full size meters
  • dedicated Solo button per channel
  • Scroll at the bottom of main screen to allow the user to scroll between the 64 channels available
  • Selected on Mode page in system memory
  • New 16 channel view
  • 16 large meters
  • Scroll at the bottom of main screen to allow the user to scroll between the 64 channels available
  • Selected on Mode page in system memory
  • Added direct access to main screen to change between Mix and Solo modes
  • Dedicated Solo Clear button in Solo modes
Bugs fixed
  • Fixed strange main fader behaviour when channel pop up is open

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News 31st October 2018
New Release v2.02 software

  • Fader and meter have been combined
  • Larger Main Meter with extended range to -76dBFS
  • New virtual fader knob overlaying the meter
  • New button bank added to the right side of the screen
  • Setup Channels moved from Channel Popup to right hand button bank
  • Added new Focus mode where user selected channels stand out more on the main screen as non-selected channels are dimmed bringing the focus to the selected channels when focus mode is enabled
  • Focus selections are saved along with channel selections in the memories
  • Channel Focus button added to Channel popup which toggles focus state of the individual channel
  • Added All Focus On and All Focus Off buttons to the Setup Channels menu
  • Added Focus button to right hand button menu which toggles Focus mode on and off
  • PFL (SOLO) gain added.
  • A user definable gain can be added to PFL (SOLO) from 0dB up to 30dB in 1dB steps via the System Menu/Mode tab

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News 6th October 2018
New Release v2.01 software

This release brings a major refresh to the main screen of the PD Dante

  • Adds Dante channel names to the main channel view
  • Adds Dante menu button to main screen
  • Overall revised layout
  • Meter added to channel pop up window
  • Independant Primary and Secondary port status display
The Dante Menu adds the following functions
  • Dante device list of connected network
  • Viewing of TX and RX channels on network connected Dante devices
  • RX channel routing of local PD Dante device to other devices
  • Clear all RX routing of PD Dante

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News 22nd August 2018
Just released v1.18 firmware
This release adds the Solo function to the channel select page and also corrects an issue with the square waves and triangle waves in the signal generator

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News 6th August 2018
Just released v1.17 firmware
This release adds the Dante network name of the PD Dante to the top bar
Adds additional information to the System Info page and fixes some minor bugs

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News 18 April 2018
PD Dante has won a Best of Show award at 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas

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News 3 April 2018
PD Dante version v1.15 firmware has been released with minor bug fixes

News 5 Feb 2018
PD Dante is now shipping

News 11 Jan 2018
Happy New Year
Some minor updates to the site, details about the PD Dante accessories have been added
We are aiming to have production units shipping by the end of January

News 14-Nov-2017
Welcome to the brand new Nixer Pro Audio website
There will be regular updates over the coming months as we gear up to begin shipping our first PD Dante products
More to come soon …

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